From Jessie Jane Duff

After I retired from the Marine Corps, one of my first goals was to ensure active duty military stationed overseas had confidence their vote could be cast and counted on time. After testifying to Congress about the many hurdles our men and women in uniform faced to vote, the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act became law in 2009.

Today it’s apparent our nation has a long way to go to ensure election integrity is never doubted again. There is no excuse for the lack of transparency and fairness in our current electoral system.

The goal of Make Elections Fair Again is to demand states restore voter confidence and reform a flawed system that enabled voter fraud. This is long over due, but a needed change to restore election integrity and guarantee that the United States is the beacon for free and fair elections once again. 

Join us in our effort for election integrity and secure the confidence of every American that their legal vote will count.

Jessie Jane Duff

Gunnery Sergeant, U. S. Marine Corps retired

Spokesperson, Make Elections Fair Again